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 thats my b0x app

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thats my b0x app Empty
PostSubject: thats my b0x app   thats my b0x app Icon_minitimeThu May 06, 2010 2:13 am

Username: thats my b0x

How long have you played this server? i have been playing the server for about a month affraid

What can you do to help Blade and keenan263? well ive donated an rs pure account :/ and i'd like to donate more in the future : )

Does anyone suggest you to be mod? l : ) not many but ill work on it ^.^

Why do you think you deserve mod? im a very active player i pk alot, i know alot about server's i have my own 525 pking server but i gave it to my freind id like to help the ecconamy ive recruited atleast 3-4 people to our server : )

Will you abuse mod status? nope : o no need to =] i wanna help the econamy not ruin it Wink

yours sincerly -thats my b0x- sorry for the spelling : o on my new laptop an have like 3 minutes charge : ) bye
p.s we need an english staff member like me : ) so we would be working around the clock there are many american staff members, so they get on at night and ill be on in u.k gmt+0.00 time and i stay up late untill another staff member can come

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thats my b0x app
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