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 Santa Claws Moderator Application

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Santa Claws

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PostSubject: Santa Claws Moderator Application   Santa Claws Moderator Application Icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 5:05 am

1) CrazyPvperz Username to get the staff position?
My Username is Santa Claws

2)What will you do as staff to help the server?
What I can do for this server is, help many people tell them how things work I'm pretty much a computer geek so if any help with that is needed I can contribute to make CrazyPvperz a better community for everyone that plays it, i can tell people like how to get started and stuff I can take time to explain everything. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else posting here but, I can make CrazyPvperz a better community, I know about 100 friends on my msn, I can advertise it to them all. Thanks for reading but wait there's more! Haha, moving on to question 3.

3) What have you done all ready that makes you feel like you deserve the position?
I didn't see this question before 2, I pretty much answered it all in 2. but as I said, people didn't know about ::home, ::td, ::crabs... so I helped them out, you know new players? Most of this question is answered in 2, my apologies for length I'm known to blabber on a lot. but for the right cause.

4) Will you abuse your powers? (Add a little more than a Yes or No.)
Well, this is pretty easy. No because I never abuse any power I know I didn't gain your trust but I can promise you, no power trip will happen with me. I simply want to make this game a better community, for everyone not randomly go up to someone and be all like "HAHA BANNED SUCKA, MOD POWER" Nah, you have my word for it. I'm dedicated to make it better for everyone (I know I'm repeatable but you can't blame me, trying to send out a message )

5) Extra details that you would like to include?
I'm 15 you can add me on this or Msn for questions in-game or anything else.
I will accept any answer you give me, accepted as a mod or not, I'll keep playing the game, dedicated and wait for another app like this to re-open, keep leveling up and such I'll also be active everyday and whenever you need me. (I'm level 108 with 4 99s and still going, but i know how to train skills,yup, decided to try out a new level in the game, MOD sexy silver crown and if you need me to be a certain level before mod, I'll do my 110% to reach that level !)

Thanks for reading my rather long app (I'm sorry again) but I'm done that's all, take care
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Santa Claws Moderator Application
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