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 Money Making Guide

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PostSubject: Money Making Guide   Money Making Guide Icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 6:34 pm

Okay ive been playing for a few hours and i already know how to make gold i dont know how to upload pictures so ill just tell you

1. Tablet making
to make tablets go home and click on the thing right outside the bank and make lumbridge until 55 etc etc once you get 80 you can make 200k a click which takes like 1 second estimated money making per hour : 100m-200m depends on how fast you click

2. Godwars you will need prayer and some decent gear but yes always killing the gods will always make you money just be patient for drops

3. Pest control ::pc each of the monsters drop a different party hat, a different pvp item, and a different piece of void and those can become very very very expensive so its really good money

4. This way might take some time but ::barrows when you tele there it gives you a spade now you can keep killing the same brother over and over or go through them all you NEED prayer pots but food is recommended if your going to be doing veracs

5. The final way is runecrafting in your ::starter you got 10k pure essence which can be used at ::rc just get 28 out and click the altar and it will give you 500k per 28 ess so its actually good money if you get a rhythm going you could make more here then at tablet make

So those are many ways that i have found how to make money thank you for your time for reading my guide - Cody (pm me ingame if need help)
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Money Making Guide
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