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 I_R_Skittlez (Websterscape/Universal PvP Veterans know me as Oops_Sorry) Introduction!

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PostSubject: I_R_Skittlez (Websterscape/Universal PvP Veterans know me as Oops_Sorry) Introduction!   Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:12 am

Hello! My name is Tyler and I am 17 years old. I currently reside in the state of Indiana within the country of the United States. I enjoy many things in life including sports, games, Xbox, Runescape, drawing, my friends, and preparing myself to join the ranks of the United States Marine Corps which I have already enlisted in.

I am transferring to this server from WebsterscapeEvolution because I no longer get along with the Owner (who use to be a good friend of mine) and I also am quite bored with it. I am an experienced moderator from that server and as such I would hope that you would get the impression that I am a respectable individual and if you don't start problems with me, then I won't with you. And I wouldn't hope to start trouble even if you did start with me because, well, because that's just unnecessary. I'm easy to get along with and extremely laid back. I love to have a good time and be the best, not to mention lead people and teach.

I understand this server is a young server and that is the reason I chose to make my way here. It seems it has promise and I hope to make a positive contribution over this Summer towards its development. I hope to make a lot of friends while I do this and hope I will enjoy my experience.

And no, I'm not this "robotic" when I'm talking casually; this is simply a quick run down for my introduction. Thanks for reading, and see you in-game(My download just completed)!

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PostSubject: Re: I_R_Skittlez (Websterscape/Universal PvP Veterans know me as Oops_Sorry) Introduction!   Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:07 pm

Holy shit, lol that's a lot of stuff to read. But welcome to the game runeslay. And we are not really a young server. My name is death ingame Smile add me if you like I can help u through all the basics of the game Wink add me Smile
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I_R_Skittlez (Websterscape/Universal PvP Veterans know me as Oops_Sorry) Introduction!
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